Dear Amihai, 02/11/17

I just wanted to thank you for all the help you were for finding our apartment in Tel Aviv. The move from a private home in Jerusalem to an apartment was not easy. We worked with nearly a dozen agents until we happened upon you through an ad.
Once you understood what we were looking for you showed us only apartments that were suitable. That sounds like it should not be difficult but in most cases agents were showing us everything they had on offer, and in most cases it was not what we were looking for. You know how to listen and that is extremely important when one is looking for the ideal apartment.
You also played a key role in the negotiations and they were not easy as you know. In the end we are very happy with our apartment. We ended buying in a neighborhood we were not even considering and that in itself has something to say about your ability as an agent.
Needless to say we have since recommended you and your agency to many of our Jerusalem friends who are making the move to Tel Aviv. Thanks for everything.

Neal and Karen Sandler

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