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The Team

Amihai Gilboa

I am a third generation realtor, living in central Tel Aviv with my partner and two children.

I have been operating in the real estate field for over 20 years, starting in 2002.
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Eldar Bar Dea

Real Estate Agent
I live in Ramat Gan and have been working in real estate for over 10 years, starting in 2014.

About Us

Gilboa Real Estate
Legacy of Generations ~ Modern Expertise

My name is Amichai Gilboa, born in 1973, from Kiryat - Haifa.
I am a Third generation realtor, living in central Tel Aviv and working in the real estate field since 2002.

I have a bachelor's degree in economics and political science and am a graduate of the "Entrepreneurship Business Management in Real Estate" course from the Foreign Studies Unit at the University of Haifa.

My grandfather (Abraham Greenblum) had a brokerage firm in the 1950s and my father (Yitzhak Gilboa) had a successful brokerage firm in the 1980s (Gilboa Brokerage).

At the age of 15 I was already helping my father in his office and learned from him the moral code of working with people: "reliability, professionalism, listening and tolerance".

I founded the offices of "Gilboa Real Estate" - which deals in brokerage, marketing and entrepreneurship - in 2007.

The firm is located in the heart of Tel Aviv and specializes in selling second-hand apartments and marketing apartments in new projects.

Locating suitable properties for customers who wish to buy apartments in Tel Aviv as well as locating buyers for property owners who wish to sell their apartment.

I mainly focus on the areas in Tel Aviv between Yarkon River and Jaffa and between Ayalon Road and the sea.

Over the years, I have collaborated with many quality professionals from the real estate field who have helped my clients, and provided service to hundreds of satisfied customers who bought or sold properties through me.

Most of my work comes from repeat customers who are happy to work with me again when selling or purchasing another apartment. In addition, many of my customers refer their close friends to me with a warm recommendation.

Many of my clients are also in continuous contact with me over the years for consultation, clarification, and decisions they need to make in the field of real estate. Regardless of whether they are an active client or not, I always try to help them as much as I can.

I bring with me a vast wealth of experience in conducting professional negotiations, bridging gaps in a balanced way between buyer and seller, and producing the best deal (a deal in which all parties feel like winners)!

I help my clients achieve their goals through a deep understanding and joint definition of their needs. I can help in assessing the value of the property, in all mortgage matters, and giving useful tips in all matters related to the purchase or sale of the property (financing, current and future planning status, taxation, registration status of the property, etc.).

In addition, I specialize in providing services to non-residents who wish to purchase or sell apartments in Tel Aviv. Here as well, most of the clients come to me through personal referrals from long-term relationships I have forged over the years.

I believe that in a field like real estate, a high level of service, knowledge, and professionalism is the way to success.

Personal care, listening to needs, and creating a correct, pleasant and supportive process are necessary for a pleasant and successful buying and/or selling experience.

I am committed to reliable, professional, and personal service and I am always happy to add more friends/families to my circle of satisfied customers.

Amichai Gilboa


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