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Our Selling Process

We have a 98% success rate in selling apartments that we handled exclusively to the satisfaction of the sellers. (and the buyers).


With us, you will only hear the truth. A realistic price at which the property can be sold in a reasonable time, and not a price that the owner will like, just to get the property exclusively. We aim to avoid long market times for properties, as they harm their attractiveness and the final price that the owner will receive.


​We have a resume of over 20 years, in which we have accumulated contacts with a large database of residential clients (locals and non-residents), investors, and other professionals in the field (lawyers, architects, appraisers) who refer clients to us on an ongoing basis, suitable for the properties we represent.

​We know the city in its entirety, geographically, historically, forms of property registration, which allows us to emphasize the advantages of each property.


​We try to get to know all the residential properties offered for sale at any given moment, therefore we know how to work in cooperation with the seller the best selling strategy for him/her.

​We have rich experience in representing property owners, protecting their interests and conducting negotiations at a high level.
In addition, we have gained a lot of experience in representing co-owners, who may struggle to get along (heirs, couples who break up, etc.).
The way we operate gives a sense of security to all parties and makes it possible to sell the property at a good price without arguments.
​We have an excellent relationship with most of the realtors in the city of Tel Aviv, for the benefit of cooperation, maximizing the exposure of the property and promoting its sale.


We will never bring a client to an apartment that we have not seen before ourselves. It is better to come once with suitable clients than to bring an unsuitable client and waste time for the client and the owner of the apartment.


Why sell with us?

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Why Exclusivity?

It is better to let one professional broker exclusively lead and coordinate the sale of the property.


The broker knows that at the end of the process he is rewarded for his work and will also invest in building a correct and comprehensive plan that protects the interests of the owner,


This has proven time and time again to bring results. Handing the marketing of the property to a large number of intermediaries, each of whom will try to be the one who sells the property, results in less emphasis on the interests of the owner and a worse overall outcome.


The exclusive broker will learn the details of the property and the prices of similar apartments (in terms of parameters) in the area.


The exclusive broker will learn the blueprint, the method of registration, options for structural change, additional taxation, potential for improvement, geographic location in relation to health, education, and cultural institutions, and more, producing an adaptability to the needs of as many clients as possible.


Close personal service that combines exposing the property to as many suitable customers as possible and giving a detailed explanation of the many advantages of the property. Managing negotiations, following up on attorney treatment and helping to mediate disputes between the parties and later between the lawyers, until a contract is signed.


A professional broker will study the property in depth, the advantages, in order to emphasize them to potential customers and the disadvantages, in order to know how to give answers to objections.


Maximum exposure of the property in the various media, digital and printed, including signage for the property.


A good realtor knows almost every property sold or for sale in the city, knows how to immediately identify the advantages of each property and location and can help the client in making the decision to purchase his property.


Quick sale at a great price - how to do it: one third of the time alone and discreetly.


If necessary, gradual opening of suitable offices - there is no "good" broker who will not be exposed to the property - there are no clients who will not hear about your property.

I know how to appreciate those who trust me and let me take care of their property.


I have over 20 years of experience in selling properties in Tel Aviv, working for years with thousands of clients who were looking for a property to buy in Tel Aviv.


Every customer who comes to the property, also on behalf of other brokers, receives a full explanation of the property from us, thus we are sure that no details will be lost and we will not miss any customer who could be suitable for your property.


It has often happened that a broker has brought a client to a property, just to show him an advantage in another property that he is marketing and after touring the property with us, he decided that our property is much more suitable for his needs.


I am in excellent contact with every office in the city - realtors like to work with me and make an effort to bring clients to the apartments I market.

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Why give me exclusivity?

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Why buy an apartment in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the "Manhattan" of Israel, which creates a large demand for apartments to purchase in the city.


​The value of the property will always be on the rise, and it will always be in demand in case of sale or rent.


​Tel Aviv is an interesting combination of architectural styles which attracts people from Israel and abroad to look for a unique property for them to buy.


Tel Aviv received recognition from UNESCO as the "White City" - a city with historic building styles.


Tel Aviv is considered one of the leading cities in the world in terms of culture and cuisine, which makes many people from all over the world visit it every year.


Tel Aviv is the business hub of Israel. It includes a concentration of leading companies in tech, lawyers, accountants, and more.

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