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My Story

On the eve of Yom Kippur 35 years ago, a few days after my 15th birthday, I said goodbye to my father who was killed in a car accident on the way to Tel Aviv. He was on the way to promote a large brokerage deal for a friend's father.

I was devastated.

That day I made a decision to step up, and took it upon myself to help my family in any way that I could. My mother was used to doing almost everything together with my father, but now he was gone.


Today I have two amazing children who will turn 13 soon, and I realize how short the time I had with you was. How much we could have experienced together for so many years. How much we missed. It doesn't make sense. Today, I'm already nine years older than you!

Over the years, I learned to look at what we had and not at what we missed.

Dad, thank you for the years we had together, thank you for everything you gave me, and everything you taught me.

Thank you for the amazing conversations we had where I learned all about your life and the wisdom you had to offer.

Today I understand that you were able to convey to me so many good things about you, and in such a short time.

The universe knew and made sure that we would have the time to be together. I remember that I would sit with you in the office, talk to you, and help you.

I hope you can see me today as I follow your path, manager of a brokerage office just like you.

I was moved when your friends talked to me about work and life and told me that when I speak, they hear you speak. You guide me and help me make decisions all the time. You are my compass.

You were the most professional, honest, and hardworking man I ever met.

When you went to meetings and I stayed in your office to receive people and messages, I met a lot of people who praised you endlessly and put their full trust in you that you would find them the right properties with the money they saved. You worked hard and made sure to do the best for them with incredible professionalism, integrity, and humility.

I always try to be good for the people who turn to me and put their trust in me, just like you.

You taught me to always do things the best I know how, to always look at what the client needs, and to do everything so that they get the best deal they can. You taught me to ignore my self-interest, and that when you work selflessly, the universe returns love to you and cares for you.

Most of my clients are repeat clients or those who are referred to me by satisfied clients, and I feel and thank the universe that gives me back love and support for the way I work.

Thank you to the universe for connecting us, even if it was only for a short period of time. I try my best to pass on to my children everything I learned from you.

I still feel that you are a part of me and I am a part of you.

I love you forever,



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