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In the old north of Tel Aviv, in the central part, on Dizengoff St, near Arlozorov St, near the light rail station that is being built in the area and the Arlozorov parking lot, and about 400 square meters from Independence Park and Hilton Beach.


The TAMA 1 project (addition and reinforcement) is being established, 2 new floors will be built on top of an existing building that includes a commercial floor and 4 floors of residential apartments. A total of 9 new apartments of 2-3 rooms will be added, 3 of which are penthouses.


The project, after a committee decision, is expected to receive a construction permit in the coming months. Expected delivery: about 3 years.

The Project

The Building

7 floors - commercial floor + 6 residential floors

26 apartments

21 apartments - 12 existing + 9 new

Homes for Sale

5 apartments

2-3 rooms

3 of them are penthouses

Bank Escort



Delivery time about 3 years


Building permit

Initial planing

The Apartments

Apartment: 13


5th floor


Area: ~85 square meters + ~8 square meters of balcony


Rooms: 3


Shelter: Yes


Elevator: Yes


Directions: West, South

Apartment plan 13.jpg
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